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In 2002, Annika Streefland remembers stepping onto the bare land, where Kopuwai Delta Vineyard is now situated, knowing she had found somewhere special. Standing on the terrace the late afternoon light shone golden across the landscape. The Clutha river, as always, powerfully flowing past was hypnotising in its green blue hues and the river delta itself was filled with the yellow autumnal colours. It was a feeling of tranquility and beauty.  That was the start of the labour of love, establishing the vineyard and trees that you see today. 

Previously in a corporate career Annika is from a Dutch family who emigrated to New Zealand in the 1950’s. Whilst Silke Radde, a Berliner, moved to New Zealand after undertaking her Masters in Law. For Silke, the land resonated and she felt a sense of oneness with this place, where she can pursue her interests with both the vineyard and creatively.

With the vineyard now firmly established, Annika and Silke are now evolving with the estate and have many ideas ahead, such as helping grow the native falcon population, a second pond, organics and permaculture, more sculptures…and understanding what it takes to be in a small way the kaitiaki of the land. All in good time. 

When not at the vineyard in Central Otago, they spend time in Wellington, their second home. Active on the vineyard they love everything about being here and look forward to sharing this experience. They also enjoy tango dancing, music (don't be surprised if you hear opera or jazz outdoors from time to time), photography and the arts in general.