Kopuwai Delta Vineyard is a place to disconnect, reflect and feel at one with nature. 

We are situated on a terrace overlooking the Clutha river,  Mata-au, just at the delta where it runs into Lake Dunstan in the Cromwell basin of Central Otago. The force and magnificence of this river is mesmerising and the vineyard is named after its taniwha - water essence or spirit - Kopuwai. The Maori legend for Kopuwai is one of power and sometimes menace that one would do well to respect, especially in this basin which has so little rainfall. Our chain link sculptures stand quietly in the landscape paying tribute to the taniwha.

The terraces here are formed by glacial retreat and are made up of alluvium, quartzite, schist and loess. It was a place of intense gold mining between the 1860’s to 1920’s and with the evening light on the yellowing fields in summer, the golden aura remains. The light here is special. Under a large starry sky, we see mountains in every direction and enjoy four distinct seasons and their colours with the snow-capped St Bathans in the distance. 

We established our vineyard in 2002. From the outset we sought to create a boutique range of exquisite, cool-climate wines that represent a pure expression of the site. It is this expression that guides our viticultural practice run by Mike and Sharon Cook. We have planted a range of clones of pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay. Paul Pujol is the winemaker for Prophet’s Rock and Kopuwai Delta is one of the three exclusive vineyards of this winery.

Our water in this very dry climate comes from the aquifer below us, fed from the mountain snows.  It fills the pond where in the summertime you can swim, observe the dragonflies and take in the expansive views of the mountain ranges. Water is a precious resource and we treat it with the utmost respect.

On the 24 hectares we have 11.2 hectares of vines, two olive groves for organic olive oil, fruit and nut trees, interspersed with sculptures. We have ideas ahead for a permaculture vegetable garden based on organic and permaculture methods. We do this for the enjoyment of it all and pay loving attention to the landscape and its beauty.