Prophet's Rock, and winemaker Paul Pujol, makes exceptional wine using natural methods that gives distinctive expression to each of their three vineyard sites. Two of the vineyards, Home Vineyard and Rocky Point, are across the river from us, high up in Bendigo. Our Kopuwai Delta Vineyard is situated in Pisa Valley, Cromwell basin, at the delta on the Clutha river. It's a stony terrace. These terraces were formed by glacial retreat and as a result there is very little soil, and we are growing our vines on alluvium, schist, quartzite and loess (a glacial flour.)

Our viticultural practices are driven by kaitiakitanga, the desire for quality and taking great care of the water, air and land. We undertake most of the day to day work by hand including harvesting which is also a time of celebration!

Prophet's Rock wine is enjoyed around the world and at restaurants of note both locally and internationally. It is difficult to locate at stores however so either direct from their website or by joining the wine club is the best way.

You can purchase wine while staying with us or visit the website of Prophet's Rock and have it delivered to your home.  

Olive oil

We have two olive groves at opposite ends of the estate. One grove is planted on the slope as it runs down to the Clutha river and is a variety of clones such as verdale, picholine, frantoio and pendolino. The far grove is more recently planted in primarily the minerva olive tree for its more peppery flavour.  We let the trees grow slowly and organically given the minimum amount of water and lean stony soils.  They are grown for fun and their aesthetic appeal as opposed to commercial endeavour.

We hand harvest together with wonderful and enthusiastic friends during the month of May for immediate pressing into premium olive oil.  Olive oil lasts a long time but we think is best enjoyed at its freshest.

You can sample our olive oil while staying at the barn studio and limited stock is available for purchase to take home if you wish.